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Links to feedback from previous renters on AirBnB/VRBO available upon request. Over 60 and counting. 

Fast WiFi,porches, laundry room, outdoors for days(literally)

Our goal is to make you not have to work while on vacation. We know the lay of the land and that knowledge is the most valuable thing we have to offer. Whether affordable food or that upscale special night we have you covered. Need to cook in to make the trip work? We have that covered. Cheap ski rentals? Got 'em! Whatever it is just ask. Our Welcome Pak will cover most everything but please ask anything that comes to mind. 

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We are a family that bought a home for us to stay in and decided to rent it while it was empty. That grew to two places and a rather small business. These are our actual homes you will be renting. We have been offering peer to peer rentals since 2004 and have a history of making vacations work for people. 

Trains,Rivers, bikes, hiking, biking, fishing, and more!